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The Thermal Engineering Branch

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The Thermal Engineering Branch of the Goddard Space Flight Center


Our Thermal Engineering Branch vision is to do work that is


Creative, On-time, On-budget, and Leading edge!


To deliver high quality, state of the art thermal products, services and technologies from mission and instrument development through on orbit operation, by building a diverse community through engagement and collaboration with our science and engineering colleagues and partners.

In pursuit of that mission, we:

  • Develop and integrate thermal control systems for spacecraft and instruments; verify resulting designs through analysis and environmental testing.
  • Conduct vigorous research and development programs directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art in spacecraft thermal control technology; conduct laboratory and in-orbit test programs as required to demonstrate viability of these technologies in their intended applications.
  • Provide technical oversight, evaluation, consultation, and support to flight projects, instrument developers, design review teams, failure analysis teams, technical evaluation panels, and source evaluation boards.
  • Develop and assess thermal software packages. Develop software which fosters concurrent engineering practices.

For specific information, see our lists of:

  • Technologies: new methods and devices we are developing, and
  • Projects: spacecraft, Shuttle payloads, and spacecraft instruments we have worked on.
  • Capabilities: sections in the branch with specific responsibilities,


NASA has an active program for Small Business Innovative Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (opens in new window)


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Curator: Elliot Schwartz
NASA official: Veronica Otero
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